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With bespoke facilities the team can deal with singleton yachts, fleets, comprehensive and package placements for the most discerning of clients.

Apart from primary Hull and Machinery placements including liabilities, the yacht team offers coverage for Crew Liability, Crew Medical and Personal Accident, Mortgagee's Interest and Pollution coverage and Protection and Indemnity Club Entries are also catered for as part of their overall service.

The Ropner Yacht Team provides placements on Luxury Wording which was introduced to the London Insurance markets during the late 1990's. Since its introduction many of the innovations contained therein have been copied and have now become standard throughout the yacht insurance market.

Other bespoke wordings are provided for specialist risks and yacht programmes. However for those clients wishing a more standard form, R12, ITC and IYC conditions can also be provided.

It is interesting to note that the R12 Yacht Form which is used by most of our competitors was originally launched within the industry by Ropner Insurance Services Ltd hence the R in it's title.

With a global yacht portfolio of wholesale and retail clients the yacht team are market leaders in the placement of yacht insurance with a reputation for providing quality coverages in respect of the whole spectrum of yacht insurance.

Part of the Global Risk Partners group of Organisations.

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