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Hull and Liability

Our experienced team offer knowledge and expertise in all areas of marine risk for Hull and Liability exposures.

Facilities and coverages available to our clients include:

- Hull and Machinery including Port Risks
- Increased Value and / or Disbursements
- War and Strikes Riots and Civil Commotions
- Loss of Hire / Use
- Breach of Warranty / Mortgagee's Interest
- Ship Builders / Construction risks
- Overside / Underwater Equipment
- Mutual Club Protection and Indemnity
- Fixed Premium Protection and Indemnity
- Maritime Employer's Liability
- Commercial General Liability
- Professional Indemnity
- Umbrella/Bumbershoot up to USD 500,000,000
- Ship Repairer's/Stevedore's/Wharfinger's Liabilities
- Terminal Operator's Liabilities (Dry/Liquid/Bulk) Packages
- Charterer's Liabilities
- Vessel Pollution Liabilities Up to USD 300,000,000
- Port Authority Packages
- Docks and Piers All Risks
- Freight, Anticipated Earnings

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